Oriental Lilies

AKA Orchid Lilies:  Simply the most showy and exotic of all the lilies, Orientals and their hybrids counter parts includes the most showy, exotic, tall, large-flowered, and fragrant lily types and far exceed the fragrance of Orchids.   Oriental Lilies, in general, will put on the grand finale in your lily garden, most being late July and August bloomers. You will find them well worth the wait!  They are best grown away from the hot afternoon sun and windy areas in your garden and in some varities, may need staking for support.  The hybrids are mainly derived from crosses between the old-fashioned "Rubrum" lily (L. Speciosum) and the Japanese "Gold band" lily (L. auratum). Many of the newer hybrids have upfacing flowers, which makes them more suitable than ever as cut flowers. Oriental lilies are somewhat more challenging in harsh Winter areas and hot Summer climates.  Therefore they may take a little extra care. They are ideally suited for mild growing regions, such as the Pacific Northwest and Southeast. Oriental lilies are comparatively slow to multiply, which makes them somewhat more costly than the other types.

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