Double Oriental Lilies

Bred from the “Rose Flowered” series in Holland these new, rare and unique lilies have all the hardiness and vigor of the traditional oriental lilies that everyone loves, but with stunning HUGE, double flowers. The showy blossoms open to reveal layer upon layer of petals and even a double center. And if their rare beauty isn’t enough, most also have no pollen and very little scent (check the Fact Card by clicking on its' "Specification Tab" located next the "Description Tab" in the product ordering page)! The Double or Rose Oriental Lily Flower bulbs are going to surpass the traditional hybrid Orientals.  It's just a matter of time.

We have garden tested these beauties since 2009, starting with Miss Lucy and Distant Drum.  Distant Drum is perhaps the most difficult, followed by Miss Lucy, but well worth the extra care and effort!  However, they can be grown in a garden setting but be careful not to plant them where the ground is hard or collects too much water...very prone to root rot.  These two cultivars do better in containers with potting soil. All the other Double Rose Oriental lilies are excellent performers in a garden setting or containers.

Breeders in Holland are far exceeding their expectations of this outstanding lily!  So far, they have performed exceptionally well and compared to other Oriental hybrids, I'd choose the Double Rose Oriental lily!  They are more hardier, can withstand a somewhat wetter soil, and last longer in bloom (indoors or outdoors).

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