Magic Star Double Oriental Lily

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'Magic Star' Double Rose Oriental Lily Bulb


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'Magic Star' Double Rose Oriental Lily Bulb

LIMITED TIME AND SUPPLY! Bright red with white outer petals and bright red spots are an outstanding color combination for one of our most popular rose or double oriental lily.  This double lily flower bulb produces pollen so it is very fragrant and a great highlight to any lily or flower bouquet, inside or in the garden!

Intense fragrance compared to their single counterparts, these double oriental lilies display rich colors and a massive double set of flower blooms (sometimes even triple!). 

Double Oriental Lilies are an outstanding addition to any garden and grow them just like any other garden lily. These flowers are so massive it sometimes takes a year or two in the garden for them to reach their full impressive maturity of 8 inches! This incredibly, rare, gorgeous lily has beautiful coloring and slightly ruffled petals, is extremely fragrant, and easy to grow. 

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