Sweet Rosy Double Oriental Lily

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'Sweet Rosy' Double Rose Oriental Lily Bulb


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'Sweet Rosy' Double Rose Oriental Lily

LIMITED TIME AND SUPPLY!  This new outstanding very fragrant double Oriental, produces four to five blooms per stem!  Its' strong stems and long l asting blooms make it a great bouquet flower.  Light to dark pink flowers with a white center highlights it's dark pink spots along the center of the blooms.

Intense fragrance compared to their single counterparts, these double oriental lilies display rich colors and a massive double set of flower blooms (sometimes even triple!).  Double Oriental Lilies are an outstanding addition to any garden and grow them just like any other garden lily. These flowers are so massive it sometimes takes a year or two in the garden for them to reach their full impressive maturity of 8 inches, therefore staking is recommended. This incredibly, rare, gorgeous lily has beautiful coloring and slightly ruffled petals, is extremely fragrant, and easy to grow.

The most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world of lilium are to be found among the Oriental lilies, with their happy personalities, huge flowers, intense fragrance, and late blooming rich colors. Your garden will come alive with this rich mixture of bright colored blooms and sweet fragrance. Enormous, fragrant flowers in many vibrant shades including but not limited to yellow, red, pink, crimson, pure white, pink-and-white, and many more! Growing and blooming on strong, straight stems in July and August, the show is breathtaking, the perfume intoxicating.

Oriental lily heights vary from 3ft to 5ft (and sometimes taller), and the flowers may be bowl-shaped or flat-faced, lacey petal edges, sometimes with recurved petals and many other forms. Use vibrant Oriental Lilies to fill spaces in flower borders or make an even more outstanding show and plant a dozen or two in the cutting garden, making the most flamboyant, extravagant bouquet.

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