About Asian Lilies

About Asian or Asiatic Lilies

One of the largest groups of lilies, they are very mesmerizing and exciting when the Asiatic Lily (lilium asiatica) flower buds open. Often bi or tri-colored, the Asian Lily comes in more and different colors than its’ distant cousin the orientals.

Asiatic Lilies multiply rapidly and bloom over a long season, starting mid May and usually through mid July. However, there are some that bloom well into August (refer to our flower facts listed on each product details page). The allergy sufferer can appreciate this category of lilies, as most are not scented.

Although generally unscented, a light scent sometimes can be detected. Mature Asiatic Lilies can range from dwarf; (14 inches to 18 inches) to large (22 inches to 30 inches). Extremely well suited for container growing, they can be grown in full sun or afternoon shade. As with all bulbs, plant four to six inches deep, do not over water, and in sustained, extreme colder climates (20 degrees and below) cover the lily bulbs with mulch or some other protection.

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