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More About The Orienpet Lily

Orienpet lillies (lilium orienpet) are the “new kids on the block”. They are an American hybrid created from crossing the Oriental and Trumpet lilies. This combination has resulted in a lily that is considered to be better than either of the parent plants.

The Orienpet Lily is disease resistant and easily tolerates heat but not direct hot sun, humidity, and cold. Preferring dappled sunlight or morning sun and afternoon shade, they come in bold shades of red, orange, burgundy, and gold but are also available in pastel shades of white, pink, peach, and soft yellows, and can be very fragrant! If you like a flower that will create a lot of conversation and second looks, this is the one for you!  Blooming from mid-July to mid-August, they can grow as tall as 8′.

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