Our Mission Statement

Provide the best service, the most information, healthiest, and largest selection of lilies and other garden plants or products on the market today at a reasonable price.

Who We Are

Being in the pest/disease/weed identification and control business for over 30 years, I simply refuse to sell ANY product that is not healthy, vigorous, pest & disease free. Come on in if your local or visiting from afar, its fun for the whole family or place your order online.


We are licensed by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture under the name of Parry’s Tree and Lily Farm. License number AG-L1005947NG. We are frequently inspected and certified to be free of insects or diseases prior to leaving my farm/nursery.

How We Got Started By Accident

We are nestled in the scenic foot hills of the Oregon Coast Range near Forest Grove, Oregon (home of Pacific University), I started a U-cut Christmas tree farm in 1983. The lily farm nursery was inspired quite by accident! My u-cut families wanted the lily bulbs and plants to give as gifts. As a result, after growing lilies as a hobby I had a major surplus.

As a result, I decided to give them away to promote the Christmas tree farm. Returning customers enjoyed them so much, they wanted more varieties to purchase. Therefore, I decided to start the lily farm commercially. I still give lilies away during the u-cut season. As a result I have one of the largest selections of Asiatic, Tiger Lilies, Double Rose Oriental Lilies, Orienpet, Trumpet, Calla Lilies and Day Lilies at an affordable price.

Growing and nurturing my x-mas trees, day lilies, calla lilies & traditional lilies is my passion. Most importantly I consider it an art. I love it! As a result my years of experience will give you the best grown Christmas trees, day lilies, & lilies. From the time I plant, nurture, you receive our products I’m confident you will be very satisfied.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Hope to see you on the farm one day! But if you can’t make it, we are proud to offer our products online.

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