Feed Birds All Year!

Lilyflowerstore Humming Bird on Lily

Feed Birds all Year? Here’s Why:

In winter, you’re providing much needed calories for cold birds by setting out food (no secret here).  As a result, you’ll get a great deal of enjoyment from watching them.

Plus all the different varieties of birds that come to your feeders, adding color, life to a drab winter landscape.

Consequently, helping those seemingly endless months pass a bit more quickly.

Bird on Parrys Tree Farm Designed Feeder


Spring may be the most important time to feed our fine feathered friends. Many people put their feeders away. They simply stop filling them with much needed nourishment. However, insects many birds rely upon as a primary source of food in warm weather take awhile to populate and emerge to sustain them. Meanwhile, birds are establishing their territories, building nests, courting, and preparing to raise their young. Consequently, activities that require a lot of nutrition!

Keep your feeders active in the spring.  As a result, you will have a vibrant, diverse population of birds in your yard. And that you’re doing your part for the next generation of “tweeties“.

Western Bluebird
Male Western Bluebird


Summer feeding will benefit you more than your backyard birds! Here’s why: With summer’s dense foliage and more than plentiful insects, birds will feast in hiding. And if you continually bring out food, you’ll bring birds and keep them there.  Consequently, it will have a smorgas-board effect showing off their summer plumage. Up close where you can see and enjoy them. Summers’ a great time to supplement your flowers with nectar, fruit, and jelly feeders. As a result, luring in orioles (Eastern U.S.), blue birds, and hummingbirds. Likewise, apple halves and chunks of cantaloupe will also bring in jays, cardinals, tanagers, and many more feathered visitors.

Blue Bird Fly Thru Feeder
Blue Bird Fly Thru Feeder

Fall to Winter

As flowers, fruit, insects, and weeds (that’s right…weeds) seeds begin to become scarce with the onset of colder weather, it’s important to supplement your back yard birds’ diet. Most importantly, seeds, suet, and other favorites. You’ll find more birds arriving and staying at your feeders as the fall migrations bring more birds from the North. Moreover, feeders already buzzing with activity will act like a beacon or billboard. Signaling the new arrivals that dinner is on…and it’s free!


Most importantly, feeding birds year ’round means you’ll always have plenty of birds to enjoy. Subsequently, you’ll never have that agonizing wait every winter for them to “discover” your feeders. You’ll have the satisfaction that you’re not only helping bird populations, but the environment, too!

Firstly, when you feed birds, it’s like a continuous circle. In addition, more baby birds survive. Secondly, more birds eat more bugs. So you’ll need less chemicals to control them. We all know that using fewer chemicals makes sense. Enjoy!

Home Made Suit Feeder
Home Made Suit Feeder from part of a Christmas Tree.
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