Growing Calla Lilies in the Pacific Northwest

Flirt Hybrid Calla Lily


Evergreen – Colored Hybrids

Growing Calla Lilies in the Pacific Northwest is easy. However, it takes a bit more effort than in drier climates. With the exception of Aethiopica (the evergreen variety most common to the Pacific Northwest) the colored hybrid varieties should be grown in containers or raised beds with well drained potting mix and stored indoors for a rest period. When planting and for best results, use our ready to use Power Grow Potting Mix. It is specifically formulated for the correct Ph level of 6.0 to 6.5, has our Power Grow Fall Fertilizer included. And has other elements in it for more brighter blooms, healthier plants, and more than adequate drainage. Again, I do not recommend leaving the bulbs in their container(s) or in raised beds outdoors during the winter months.

Grow Indoors First as a House Plant

  1. Growing Calla Lilies in the Pacific Northwest need a rest period.  You will need to remove your Calla bulbs at some point in time during or after blooming.
  2. Remove the stem and flower but leave the foliage on.
  3. Let your Calla grow for four to six weeks longer.
  4. Remove, clean, and store the Calla Bulb for three weeks using the methods below.
  5. Plant in a clean container with new potting mix using the methods below.
Cantor Calla Lily Bulbs Flower
Cantor Hybrid Calla Lily
Aethiopica Evergreen Calla Liliy
Aethiopica Evergreen Calla Liliy

“Jump Starting” Indoors Then Placing Outdoors

1)  Growing Calla Lilies in the Pacific Northwest need a rest period:  Leave your Callas in the containers as long as you can (this will allow them to build for next years blooming period)…set October 10 as the start of the rest period.  To build larger bulbs, I recommend removing the stems and flowers (leaving the foliage on) three weeks before their rest period.

2)  Remove the tubers and set in a dry place before cleaning.

3)  Once the potting mix, foliage, and roots have dried gently clean the tuber.  A soft paint brush works well.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK OFF ANY NEW GROW BUDS (THEY ARE YOUR NEXT YEAR’S BLOOMS)! 

4)  After cleaning, place the bulbs in a paper bag surrounded by slightly damp potting mix or news paper.

5)  Place the bagged Calla bulbs in a cool, dry place (such as your garage) for eight weeks or longer or until re-planting in your pots or containers. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO FREEZE OR DRY OUT wherever you store them.

6)  Once replanted, grow indoors until April or May.  At first place outdoors in a shady spot for a few days. This allows the plant to adjust to outdoor temperatures without burning the foliage.  Then move to a more sunny location.

Always keep your soil or potting mix at 6.0 to 6.5. Calla lilies prefer an acidic soil or potting mix. Use a soil pH tester meter. Then adjust accordingly.

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