How to Eat a Daylily

How to Eat a Day Lily

Day Lilies (Hemerocallis) are not only beautiful, but also very delicious. For centuries, daylilies have been a staple food in many parts of Asia. All throughout the growing season the daylily can provide a variety of tasty foods including flowers, buds, leaf shoots, and potato like roots. The fast growing plants can often be found growing along roadsides in great abundance. Try them…you will be surprised, you’ll probably like them.

Preparing The Daylily for Eating

1. Using a shovel, dig the plant to expose all parts including the root tubers. Pinch off the opened blooms if you desire to cook them and place in a refridgerator for later. The opened blooms are edible too!
2. Using a garden hose and spray nozzle, wash off all dirt from the root tubers, leaves, and buds. Prepare the plant for cooking in your kitchen.
3. The flower buds are edible and may be cut and prepared like green beans. They are best collected when nearly full grown and about to bloom and are quite delicious, but won’t taste like green beans. They are also good in stir fries.
4. The daylily flower is interesting in that each bloom lasts only one day. The fresh flowers are
5. The new flowers and buds act like okra in liquids and added not only taste but a gelled character

6. To prepare simply cut the 1 inch long football shaped tubers from the roots, wash the dirt off, and boil in salted water for 15 minutes. They have a unique buttery taste. Like potatoes the older tubers develop a papery (but transparent skin) which some people find annoying, luckily the cooked tubers are easily squeezed out of their skin after being cooked. If young leaf shots are cut in the early spring (long before the flowers appear) the older outside leaves may be pealed away to reveal an edible stalk of young leaves. These may be sliced and used in salads or cooked whole like asparagus. Just boil for a few minutes, drain, add salt and butter, and serve).

Tips and Warnings

* Try them in your favorite roast or vegetable dish.
* Extra flower buds may be saved easily by drying, just spread them out on clean cardboard or newspaper in a warm and dry attic or room for about a week.
* Don’t worry about taking a few plants as thick stands actually benefit and are stimulated by thinning.
* Don’t eat any plant your aren’t sure is edible.
* Not all plants are non alergetic. Sample a small portion, first for any alergic reaction.

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