Meaning of Stargazer Lily

What Is the Meaning of Stargazer Lilies?


Stargazer Oriental LilyStargazer lilies are so loved and admired that they have been given a host of meanings and various kinds of symbolic importance. Throughout the world, these lovely flowers are popular for nearly any occasion. They are favorite flowers of gardeners and florists use millions of them each year. In an attempt to honor these flowers that give such pleasure, several meanings have been associated with them.


Lilies have been associated with purity for thousands of years. Pictures of lilies adorned the walls of unearthed ruins of a home on Crete that is dated at 1580 B.C. Ancient Greeks believed that white lilies grew from the milk of Hera, the queen of Greek deities. Lilies were important throughout Greek and Roman mythology. The word “lily” is derived from the Greek word “leiron”, which is believed to refer to the white lilies that were later called Madonna lilies, symbols of chastity, purity and virtue.


The stargazer lily is a recent hybrid that was first developed in 1978 by Leslie Woodruff, a plant breeder who was completely devoted to his lily projects. This hybrid was a cross between an Asiatic lily and an Oriental lily. Woodruff did not keep detailed records of his plant crosses, so the exact parentage of stargazers is not known, but stargazers brought together the bright colors and strong growth habits of the Oriental lily with the fragrance and beautifully shaped flowers of the Asiatic lily. The flower buds opened towards the sky, so Woodruff named this hybrid “Stargazer.”

Many breeders from all over the world have duplicated not only the flower appearance but the size and fragrance as well.  Shop now for Lilies resembling Stargazer.


Stargazer lilies were born from a combination of the best characteristics of the parent plants, and they continue to live up to expectations. Their fragrance is light, bold, bright and heady all at the same time. The flowers last for a long time when cut and have sturdy stems that are easy for florists to work with in arrangements.


The color of the stargazer flower is the main characteristic that defines its meaning. White symbolizes purity, innocence and simplicity. White stargazers are also used to convey sympathy. Pink stargazers symbolize romance, wealth and prosperity. Stargazers of both colors are used to send apologies or to express gratitude.


Stargazer lilies are fashionable for any occasion. The color of the flower directs its use to a degree, but with so many meanings attached to them, it is correct to use stargazer lilies to send any message you might wish. White stargazer lilies are used for weddings, to symbolize purity and they are also used at funerals as a symbol of restored innocence. The scent makes either color of stargazer a favorite for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.

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