Oriental/Double Rose Lilies

Single and Very Fragrant Oriental Lilies

The most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world of lilium are to be found among the Oriental lilies, with their happy personalities, huge flowers, intense fragrance, and late blooming rich colors. Your garden will come alive with this rich mixture of bright colored blooms and sweet fragrance. Enormous, fragrant flowers in many vibrant shades including but not limited to yellow, red, pink, crimson, pure white, pink-and-white, and many more! Growing and blooming on strong, straight stems in July and August, the show is breathtaking, the perfume intoxicating.

Oriental lily heights vary from 3ft to 5ft (and sometimes taller), and the flowers may be bowl-shaped or flat-faced, lacy petal edges, sometimes with re-curved petals and many other forms. Use vibrant Oriental Lilies to fill spaces in flower borders or make an even more outstanding show and plant a dozen or two in the cutting garden, making the most flamboyant, extravagant bouquet.

Double or Rose Oriental Lilies

Our spectacular new Roselily series of double Orientals from the Lilyflowerstore may soon become your new favorite type of Oriental lily. This new series features double flowering cultivars, which are pollen free and have a light, pleasant fragrance. That’s right, no more pollen on clothing after handling the flowers, and the strong overbearing aroma of most Orientals has been reduced to a lighter, delightful scent. Additionally, the individual flowers last longer than most Oriental lilies, whether in the garden or in a bouquets.

Although referred to as double Orientals, the Roselily cultivars are selected to have at least 18 flower petals, which is 12 more petals than cultivars with single flowers; this truly distinguishes the Roselily series from other double Orientals on the market. The series name Roselily reflects the rose-like appearance of the open flowers.

In the landscape they are best grown in locations with morning full sun and afternoon shade in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 10. The Roselily cultivars grow 24 to 30 inches tall. With its impressive pollen-free double flowers and light fragrance, the Roselily series is sure to attract attention and would make a great addition to most perennial gardens.

The Roselily series is suitable for growing in 2-gallon containers or larger, in raised beds, and in the landscape or garden. Oriental lilies perform best when they are grown in moist, well-drained growing mixes. The number of bulbs to plant into each pot varies with the container size.

Big Vibrant Blooms to add color to any mixed border. Also useful in larger patio containers that can be moved around the garden. An excellent cut flower for indoors.