‘Allure’ Dwarf/Miniature Calla Lily

‘Allure’ Dwarf/Miniature Calla Lily


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Product Description

Allure calla lily has medium-size, round purple/red blooms. Medium green leaves lightly flecked with white.

Although not considered true lilies, the calla lily is an extraordinary flower. This beautiful plant, available in a multitude of colors, grows from rhizomes and is ideal for use in beds and borders. You can also grow calla lilies in containers, either outdoors or in a sunny window as houseplants.

Become your own florist and SAVE! You can grow Calla Lilies in any zone. Here is a quick and basic how to and (See Page Chart):

Zones 3 to 6:

1.) Dig or remove from the containers in the Autumn 2.) Remove excess dirt or potting mix 3.) Store indoors in a cool dry place for 1.5 to 2 months 4.) Plant in a container indoors with plenty of sunlight 4.) Move outdoors once all frost or extreme weather is past.

Zones 5 to 11:

Cold winter areas in these zones: Same as above if your zone has heavy freezing weather during the winter. Warmer winter climate zones; Plant 2 inches deep outdoors in the Spring or Fall in a dry or very well drained area (Callas prefer dry growing conditions). In zones with heavy rainfall during the winter, remove and store indoors. Otherwise, you can leave your Callas in the ground over winter.

Growing calla lilies is easy and calla lilies care is minimal at best. Choosing to grow calla lilies in the garden or as houseplants is a great way to add color to any area.

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Allure Calla Lily Fact Card
Common Name Calla Lily
Botanical Name Zantedeschia
Ships As Perennial Tuberous Bulb
Best Light Requirement Outdoors: Afternoon Shade

Indoors: Adequate light to bloom

Bulb/Tuber/Plant Size 16-18 cm
Flower Position Up Facing
Fragrance None
Planting Depth Indoors: 1 inch

Outdoors: 2-3 inches

Mature Flower Height 12 inches
Soil Type/Ph Well Drained/6.5-6.8
Moisture Requirements Dry to Slightly Moist
Best Planting Season Fall/Spring
Grow Rating Easy
Uses Garden, Large Containers, Beds, Indoor Plant, Bouquet/Cut Flowers
Best Grow Zone Indoors: Any

Outdoors: 4-11 (4-5: Dig & Store Indoors Until Spring)

Bloom Period
Early Summer to Late Fall
Spacing 12 Inches Plus
Days to Bloom 100-110: Re-bloomer
Shipping UPS, USPS, United States-Except Hawaii

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