‘Golden Joy’ Dwarf Asiatic Lily Bulb


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Product Description

Golden Joy Asiatic Lily

Dwarf Asiatic lily ‘Golden Joy’ has large buds which open to reveal vivid yellow petals with an orange blush in the center. It blooms in June on 18″ stems.

Asiatic Lilies are an easy-to-grow colorful addition to any garden! They come in almost every color of the rainbow and bloom June to July.

The Asiatics are the hardiest of all the lily hybrids. They do very well in U.S.D.A. Zones 3 to 10, are easiest for the beginner, multiply the fastest, and are the first to flower each season. They come in a wide range of colors — white, yellow, orange, red, pink and all shades and color combinations, except the color blue. Flowers are mostly upfacing with a few dainty garden gems carrying outfacing or pendant blooms; all will be exciting when the buds unfurl. These hybrids multiply rapidly and bloom over a long season. Although generally unscented, a light scent can be discerned on warm, still days.

Asiatic lilies are the easiest and most reliable in the average garden. They bloom early, usually in June and July. Stems are strong and erect, ranging in height from 14 inchesĀ  to 60 inches. Most are hardy enough to grow in USDA zones 3-10. Bulbs can be left in the ground and multiply readily when planted in an ideal location. This is a great benefit and requires no work on the part of the gardener.


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Golden Joy Lily Fact Card
Common Name Asian Lily
Botanical Name Lilium
Ships As Perennial Bulb
Best Light Requirement Full Sun/Afternoon Shade
Bulb/Tuber/Plant Size 14-16 cm
Flower Position Up Facing
Fragrance None
Planting Depth 4 to 6 Inches/Cover with Mulch in Winter
Mature Flower Height 20 inches
Soil Type/Ph Well Drained, Healthy Loam/6.2-6.5
Moisture Requirements Average: Water once a week
Best Planting Season Fall/Spring
Grow Rating Easy
Uses Cut Flowers, Garden, Large Containers, Beds, Attracts Humming Birds, Butterflies
Best Grow Zone 4 to 9
Blooms In Early to Late Spring
Spacing 8 Inches Plus
Days to Bloom 90-100
Shipping UPS, United States-Except Hawaii

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