Meaning of Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Fragrant Oriental Lily


Meaning of Stargazer Lilies: Stargazer lilies are so loved and admired. They have been given a host of meanings. And various kinds of symbolic importance. Most importantly, these lovely flowers are popular for any occasion. They are favorite flowers of gardeners. In addition, florists use millions of them each year. Therefore, several meanings can be associated with them.


Lilies have been associated with purity for thousands of years. Pictures of lilies adorned the walls of unearthed ruins of a home on Crete dated at 1580 B.C. Ancient Greeks believed white lilies grew from the milk of Hera. The queen of Greek deities. Lilies were important throughout Greek and Roman mythology. “Lily” is derived from the Greek word “leiron”. Believed to refer to white lilies that were later called Madonna lilies. Symbols of chastity, purity and virtue.


Stargazer lily is a hybrid first developed in 1978 by Leslie Woodruff. A plant breeder completely devoted to his lily projects. Stargazer is a cross between an Asiatic lily and an Oriental lily. Woodruff did not keep detailed records of his plant crosses. So, the exact parentage of crosses are not known. But stargazers brought together the bright colors. As well as, strong growth habits of the Oriental lily. For instance, the fragrance and beautifully shaped flowers of the Asiatic lily. The flower buds open towards the sky. So Woodruff named this hybrid “Stargazer.”

Many breeders from all over the world have duplicated the flower appearance. And the size and fragrance as well.

Stargazer lilies were born from a combination of the best characteristics of the parent plants. And they continue to live up to expectations. Their fragrance is light, bold, bright. And heady all at the same time. The flowers last for a long time when cut. And have sturdy stems making them easy for florists to work with.


The color of the stargazer flower is the main characteristic that defines its meaning. For example, white symbolizes purity, innocence, and simplicity. Further, white stargazers convey sympathy. In addition, pink stargazers symbolize romance, wealth, and prosperity. As a result, Stargazers of both colors to send apologies. And express gratitude.


No matter what color variation you plant,  “Stargazer” lilies can be identified by their tall, upright shape. And very large flowers. Coupled with producing six to nine blossoms, each one between 6 and 8 inches across. Unlike many Asiatic lilies, which can look similar, “Stargazer” flowers have a strong, sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators and can perfume an entire room.

Pink/Red and White

Original “Stargazer” lily has deep crimson to pink petals with narrow white margins. Interior of petals is speckled and striped with darker pink to red tones. Likewise, center of the flower is light yellow with bright orange anthers and pollen.

Stargazer Fragrant Oriental Lily
Stargazer Fragrant Oriental Lily


Variations of White Stargazer have been developed over the years. And are becoming more available. For example, “Ice Clear”. One very similar is “Crystal Blanca.”

Crystal Blanca is an improved version of Casablanca. To clarify, Crystal Blanca is upward facing like Stargazer. Casablanca is more side facing, however.

Crystal Blanca’s flowers are very open and upright. As opposed to the frillier look of other white lily cultivars. Also, clear bright white to cream petals. And dark red to orange anthers. Similarly colored pollen. The center of the flower is often light green. Unlike other white lilies, flowers lack speckles, lines or other imperfections.

Tourega Oriental Lily Bulbs Flower


Yellow or Golden “Stargazer” lilies are a new development. And quite difficult to grow in many areas. Golden Stargazer blooms have the same upward-facing growth habit as pink and white.  But their petals are an even yellowish-gold. Inner part of the flower is speckled with bright orange – red spots. Similarly, the anthers are red with reddish pollen. Golden Stargazer lily produces blooms that average 5 to 6 inches across.

Golden Stargazer Oriental Lily Flower Bulb


Stargazer lilies are fashionable for any occasion. And color of the flower directs its use to a degree. With so many meanings attached to them, use stargazer lilies to send any message. Also, white stargazer lilies for weddings. Symbolizing purity. As well as at funerals symbolizing restored innocence. Fragrance makes either color of stargazer a favorite for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day. And birthdays, too. After cutting a stem, tip the flower downwards. Then, cut off the antlers before bringing them indoors. Similarly, shake pollen off cut flowers. Tends to preserve the blooms for a longer period.

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